Visual Resources Update June 2021

Visual Resources Update June 2021

We have been busy with the move and set-up of our spaces in Green Hall, so this update will include some outside resources and projects from this past month that you may find interesting.

The annual iiif conference took place June 22-24. Of particular interest were the presentations and conversations around:

StrollView: a cross-institutional storytelling application that we have added to our list of lightweight software to possibly utilize for digital exhibitions. You can see a blank presentation here. StrollView is much like another platform, Exhibit, which debuted last year at the iiif conference. Exhibit offers a way for you to walk viewers through a single, complex, digital object. For a project involving more robust content there is another new platform, Madoc, which allows for the display, enrichment and curation of digital objects. It supports exhibitions inviting others to annotate or contribute commentary on works displayed from archives, libraries and museums.

Screenshot of the Lawrence digtial exhibition with portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (Devonshire Collections, Chatsworth)

A nicely designed and curated exhibition on the life and works of Thomas Lawrence by The Holburne Museum.



Screenshot of the image viewer showing two black and white identical images on board (the stereograph)


Exploring Stereographs (a project by David Newbury).




Finally, the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC made the announcement that, as of June 16, all of its images of public domain artworks are also officially CC0 (public domain) as well. Great news and we hope more museums follow suit.