Summer catch-up

Digital Humanities/Digital Art History

A great article by Sander Münster and Melissa Terras:  The visual side of digital humanities: a survey on topics, researchers, and epistemic cultures, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

Slides of the final presentation of Harald Klinke from his seminar on data analysis with the MET and MoMA collections (in German).

New/Improved Digital Collections:

Searching by COLOR is now available with the Library of Congress collections and the Art Institute of Chicago

Explore the University of Oregon exhibition on Yōkai Senjafuda: a digital exhibition focuses on tiny slips of paper—senjafuda 千社札—that depict Japanese ghosts and monsters—yōkai 妖怪.

Finally, in Public Domain news: a new EU copyright directive was passed and Article 14 ensures that digital reproductions of artworks in the public domain cannot not also be in the public domain. What is public domain in analogue form must stay in the public domain in digital form. EU member states have until June 2021 to ensure their laws comply.